WWF No Way Out - 15th Feb, 1998

Stone Cold Steve Austin gives Chyna the stunner.

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The times we all miss


Shawn Michaels vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
WrestleMania 14


An endless supply of things that could go bad for Brie Bella [2014]

We’re less than two weeks away from SummerSlam, the event in which a long-running feud between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella is coming to a head. This encounter is going to be hard-hitting and could very well end in bloodshed, as the insulted heiress is squaring off against the woman scorned. With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that Bella’s opponent is, at her core, a McMahon. Because of this fact, there is an endless supply of things that could go wrong for Bella.

  • Nikki Bella turns on her sister, Brie.

Oh, what if. The unholiest of what if’s. After Brie quit the WWE, Nikki Bella was forced to suffer the consequences of Stephanie McMahon’s wrath. It would make perfect sense for Nikki to want for Brie to suffer those same consequences and watch as her sister be decimated in the ring. Not to mention, with Triple H’s constant references to a “Plan B” always being handy, why wouldn’t Nikki turn on her sister for the promise of more money and power? That, and I mean, it would lead to some good stuff on Total Divas (I guess…).

  • Kharma returns, attacks Brie, and joins The Authority.

It almost makes too much sense. Consider a few things, if you will. Before Kharma disappeared from the WWE, she was insulted by Brie and Nikki Bella, and vowed to return one day to unleash fury on both Divas. It might not be a coincidence that it was mentioned during a conversation between the two that “karma always comes back around”. Plus, there’s also the fact that The Authority were able to attain the services of Kane. Why wouldn’t they hire a beast like Kharma to do their dirty work for them in the Divas division?

  • Daniel Bryan makes an appearance and sides with The Authority.

On Raw, Stephanie McMahon stated an irrefutable fact, that when Daniel Bryan was injured, Brie Bella made it all about her. By quitting the WWE, Brie Bella took away some of The Authority’s power and led to them forcing Bryan to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After the roller coaster ride ended with Daniel Bryan on top, why wouldn’t Daniel Bryan be vengeful? Keep in mind, it was The Authority and Triple H who led to Seth Rollins turning on his “brothers”.

  • Triple H interferes in the match and attacks Brie Bella.

Is Triple H against hurting women? Last night, Triple H backed Brie into the corner by using a desk, after which Brie slapped Triple H across the face. That kind of disrespect has never been something to fly with The Game, who has a history of attacking Divas in the past. With his wife’s pride on the line, and after sending her to jail and embarrassing the family name, why wouldn’t Triple H want to get involved?

  • Plain and simple: Stephanie McMahon kicks Brie Bella’s ass.

At the end of the day, no matter what possibilities exist, Stephanie McMahon is being prepped for her match by her husband, the multi-time title holder, Triple H. While Brie can get all the tips in the world from Daniel Bryan, and injured man can’t put forth the training regimen that the cerebral assassin could assist with.

While all of these are possibilities, and there are so much more, the undeniable thing is that this match is going to end through some kind of crazy means, and it won’t end well for Brie Bella. Even if Brie does pick up the victory, the consequences for further embarrassing of the McMahon name could be detrimental to her health and/or career. Ask Daniel Bryan, who defeated Triple H and defied The Authority’s wishes by becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania. What happened next involved Kane, fire, and an injury. One thing I’d love to ask Brie is… is it worth it?

I’m going to rip your heart out” - Stephanie McMahon


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